Thursday, October 11, 2007

the drawn penultimatum

summore lifies...

I-Theatre Character pack

Well well...

for anyone who remembers, i swore that i was through with this little red menace!!

but she has risen to taunt me once again. im kidding really. the first time was torture, since i was experimenting with the style, but all the subsequent work has become surprisingly streamlined, and as such, not as distasteful. i admit i rather enjoyed. gasp! the red hen publicity material is expanding, the the supporting cast needed their own illustrated characters, which leads me here.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Thursday, October 4, 2007

tuesdays with Adam

lifedrawing again. older drawings, cos i havent had the time to shoot any of my newer stuff. should get round to it eventually.

Dumpo the Magician

finally!! here we are, and absolution is mine! Dumpo has been tamed. animating this model has been rather challenging, especially since none of us were terribly excited about its design, but i figure its great practice. it amuses me, how grandiose everyone's ideas were. if im not mistaken, all of us changed and simplified our gags and timing, just to make it workable within the given time. all accounted for i think i worked maybe 2 full days on this little sod, but all said, im content with the result. wish i had more squash and stretch, but im gonna make sure i incorporated everything i wanted to do, but didnt, into the next assignment.